Where to Get a Liquor License in Florida?

There are several methods to obtain a Florida liquor license, each includes the completion of a license application form obtained from a liquor license broker’s office, such as Liquor License Florida, or an office of the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Your completed application must be submitted to a local ABT licensing office. If you are working with a broker, they will validate and submit the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Your Liquor License Broker is Here to Help

Application forms, along with additional information on completing the form, are available from a verified broker in the State of Florida. The offices of Liquor License Florida are one option to obtain application forms. You can also request a form at any ABT licensing office. Options available: application form may be picked up at the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco offices, be mailed directly to you, found on the Internet, or obtained from a Liquor License Broker. You may also use the Department of Business & Professional Regulation’s homepage. Once there, select the “APPLY FOR/UPDATE LICENSES” option. This will take you to a page where you can select the general license category and you’ll see a checklist of requirements, which will include access to the application form.

Completing the application form is a time-consuming process if you have never applied before. If done incorrectly, your application will be delayed or rejected. Knowing which form to submit for your business can also be confusing. The services of Liquor License Florida are intended to make your application for a Liquor license easy and fast. We have acquired hundreds of licenses for Florida businesses and want to continue to help business owners like you with our expertise. Liquor License Florida is here to answer any license questions specific to your Florida county. Call 866-470-8881 today.

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