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Liquor License FL is an experienced and highly professional company that offers application help and brokering liquor licenses in Florida. Whether you want to sell your Florida liquor license, purchase a license, or you simply need assistance with refinancing your liquor license, we offer you expert services and full support. Our customers have succeeded in getting the license they needed or wanted, quickly and hassle free. For buyers and sellers of Florida licenses, we guarantee a smooth transfer, from beginning to end!

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Liquor License FL provides expert Licensing Services throughout Florida. Our staff knows all County Liquor License regulations and whatever your request might be, you may rest assure that we will fulfill all you demands in the shortest amount of time possible.


What are the fees for a Florida Liquor License?

Here is a comprehensive list of Alcohol License Fees and the types associated below. County pricing under 75,000 will be slightly cheaper and these exact prices can be found on your respective county page HERE.


  • 4COP Quota LicenseLicense Cost + $1820.00/yr (county population over 100,000)

Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales and Consumption)

Typically used by: Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. *Must be purchased on the open market*


  • 4COP SFS License $1820.00/yr (county population over 100,000)

Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales and Consumption)

Typically used by: Restaurants and bars which meet county requirements including

  1. Must have 2,500 square feet of service area
  2. Equipped to serve meals to 150 persons at one time
  3. Derive at least 51 percent of gross food & beverage revenue from the sale of food & nonalcoholic beverages


  • 3PS License - $1365.00/yr (county population over 100,000)

Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only)

Typically used by:  Liquor stores, sandwich shops, and supermarket Owners. *Must be purchased on the open market*


  • 2COP License - $392.00/yr (county population over 100,000)

Beer and Wine Only (Package and Consumption)

Typically used by: Bars, liquor stores, sandwich shops, and small restaurant owners


  • 2APS License - $196.00/yr (county population over 100,000)

Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only)

Typically used by: Convenience stores, gas stations, and supermarket owners.


  • 1COP License - $280.00/yr (county population over 100,000)

Beer (Package and Consumption)

Typically used by:  Small bars, smaller breakfast/lunch restaurants, and deli Owners.


  • 1APS License - $140.00/yr (county population over 100,000)

Beer (Package Sales Only)

Typically used by: Gift Shops, Novelty Store Owners.


Liquor License FL

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Liquor License FL monitors all 64 wet counties in Florida for new liquor license availability. Let us do the work for no cost at all. We'll notify you as soon as a license becomes available in your area, the type of license, and any cost tied to the license.

When obtaining a liquor license of any kind in Florida, time is a deciding factor. Often, the business that is the first to know about a new license has a better chance at acquiring it. Sign-up for our alerts today.

We're Here to Help

There are many types of licenses for beverage sales and consumption on premises and our expert consultants will help you determine exactly for which type of license you need to apply and will walk you through the entire process, step by step, so that you can open your business with as little stress and effort as possible. Whether you need a Beer and Wine Consumption on Premises (2COP) license or a Beer, Wine and Liquor Consumption on Premises (4COP, 5COP, 6COP, 7COP, 8COP ) license or any license to be able to have Package Sales (1APS, 2APS, 3PS), we can provide you with all the info you need and with full assistance for application and obtaining your desired license. Liquor License FL offers you the highest standard of customer service, having helped countless businesses in Florida, big or small, obtaining their license and starting operations in full compliance with current legislation and regulations.

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Contact us now to get a Florida Liquor License or if you want to buy, sell or refinance a liquor license in the state. Our agents will help you from start to finish, even with additional services that you may require to obtain your liquor license such as business tax license services or fictitious name filing.