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Part of the Pensacola District, Florida, Santa Rosa County is a county highly preoccupied with its economic development. As such, the county’s legislative body welcomes businessmen and entrepreneurs who wish to contribute to the economic development of the region and open their business in Santa Rosa County. If you are planning to open a restaurant, a bar or any other type of establishment that requires a liquor license in Santa Rosa County, then you need help finding a suitable license and applying for a permit with the county’s municipalities.

Liquor License FL is an experienced and highly professional brokerage firm for liquor licenses in the State of Florida and can help you locate the best license and handle all paperwork and formalities on your behalf. Not only do we provide you with a complete database of available licenses across the state, but we also assist you every step of the way, until your business is ready to go and you are selling your first drink.


There are several retail licenses available in Santa Rosa County and below you will be able to find their annual fees, as well as the fees for license transfers:

Series Provisions Annual Fee
1APS Beer (Package Sales Only) $140.00
2APS Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only) $196.00
1COP Beer (Package and Consumption) $280.00
2COP Beer and Wine (Package and Consumption) $392.00
3PS Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only) $1,365.00
4COP Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package and Consumption) $1,820.00
11C Beer, Wine and Spirits (Consumption Only) $400.00


Temporary Fees

All Transfers $100.00
New 1APS $100.00
New 2APS $100.00
New 1COP $100.00
New 2COP $100.00
New 3PS $341.25
New 4COP $455.00
New 11C $100.00



Santa Rosa County also allows the issue of special licenses, respectively SFX licenses and Special Hotel Licenses. The first are issued in compliance with Florida Statute 561.20(2)(a)4 to restaurants with 2,000 square feet of floor space and seating for 150 patrons, which also must derive 51% of their gross revenue from the sale of nonalcoholic beverages and food. The Special Hotel Licenses are regulated by Florida Statute 561.20(2)(a)1, which requires hotels or motels to have at least 100 guestrooms and derive at least 51% of the gross revenue from the rental of those rooms.



County Departments contact information:




Pensacola District


1720 W Farifield Drive Suite 405

Pensacola, FL 32501

Phone: (850) 494-5970

Fax: (850) 484-5080


Zoning And Planning

Santa Rosa County


Pace & East Milton (located within the county limits)                     (850) 626-4829


Navarre, Holly                                                                                    (850) 939-1259

Navarre (south end)                                                                            (850) 626-4829

Milton (inside city limits of Milton)                                                         (850) 983-5400

Code Enforcement

2600 Dixon Street

Milton, FL 32583 (Planning & Developing)


Milton (outside of city limits)                                                            (850) 626-4829

6051 Old Bagdad Hwy                                                                       (850) 626-8839

Milton, FL 32583


Jay, Munson                                                                                        (850) 675-4556

City Hall, 3695 Hwy 4,

Jay, FL 32565


Gulf Breeze (within city limits)                                                         (850) 934-5100


Gulf Breeze (outside city limits)                                                        (850) 939-1259


Santa Rosa Health

Environment Health

(for cities of Pace, Milton, Navarre, Jay, and Gulf Breeze)               (850) 983-05275

(Main # For Each City)

5527 Stewart Street

Milton, FL 32572


Approval of all 1COP & 2COP (without food sales)

Division of Hotels & Restaurants

(for all establishments that cook & serve food)                                 (850) 487-1395


 Department of Agriculture (for grocery/convenience stores)           (850) 245-5520


Department of Revenue                                                                   (850) 595-5170

3670 N “L” Street

Pensacola, FL 32505

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