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The Easy Way to Buy and Sell Madison Liquor Licenses


Madison County, in the Tallahassee District, Florida, has switched from being a dry county to a wet county in August, 2012, as of which the sale, possession and distribution of alcoholic beverages has become legal. After almost 90 years, Madison County in Florida is now a wet county legally, which has given rise to many business opportunities. If you want to take advantage of this great change and open a liquor selling business in Madison County, then Liquor License Florida can help you find the best license for you and make all necessary arrangements to get your business going in a timely manner.


There are several types of liquor licenses valid in Madison County and the table below shoes you the annual fees for each of them, as well as the transfer fees:


Series Provisions Annual Fee
1APS Beer (Package Sales Only) $28.00
2APS Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only) $84.00
1COP Beer (Package and Consumption) $56.00
2COP Beer and Wine (Package and Consumption) $168.00
3DPS Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only) $468.00
8COP Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package and Consumption) $624.00
11C Beer, Wine and Spirits (Consumption Only) $400.00


Temporary Fees

All Transfers $100.00
New 1APS $100.00
New 2APS $100.00
New 1COP $100.00
New 2COP $100.00
New 11C $100.00
New 3DPS $117.00
New 8COP $156.00


The sale of alcoholic beverages can skyrocket the profits of any restaurant or hotel, so if you are planning on going into business in this filed, then be sure to get your liquor license in Madison County. We can help you locate the best license for you, as we constantly update our large database of available licenses throughout the State of Florida and we can also take care of all paperwork for you.


Below, you will be able to find the contact information for the most important departments in Madison County that may come in handy when applying for a liquor license:


Division of Hotels and Restaurants

1940 North Monroe Street Suite #14 Tallahassee

Florida 32399-1011



Department of Revenue

FL Department of Revenue

267 John Knox Rd Ste 200 Tallahassee

FL 32303

(850) 488-9719


Madison County Zoning

(850) 973-6785


Madison County Health Department

218 S. Third Street

Madison, FL 32340

(850) 973-5000



Since Madison County is a new wet county in Florida, there are many more options when it comes to liquor license availability and we can help you take advantage of this great opportunity and start selling alcoholic beverages as soon as possible, so that you can increase the profits of your business. We also offer additional services, such as fictitious name filing and business tax license services, so that you can save time and energy and focus on more important aspects of running your business.  

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