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The Easy Way to Buy and Sell Hernando Liquor Licenses


If your business is located in the Hernando County and you require a liquor license or you wish to transfer your liquor license to someone else, there are several things you need to take into consideration. Besides the fact that you must find a potential buyer or seller, you also have to contact several state and local governmental agencies such as the health and zoning departments of the Hernando County to get their approval. Another important task you have to complete is paying all your taxes prior to submitting the license transfer application.



Buying and selling a liquor license is a hassle you can easily avoid by appealing to Liquor License Florida. We can help you every step of the way whether you wish to obtain a liquor license or you want to sell it. Our brokerage company has a customer oriented approach and an extensive experience working in this industry. Below are the annual fees and provisions for Hernando County liquor licenses:





Series Provisions Annual Fee
1APS Beer (Package Sales Only) $140.00
2APS Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only) $196.00
1COP Beer (Package and Consumption) $280.00
2COP Beer and Wine (Package & Consumption) $392.00
3PS Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only) $1,365.00
4COP Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package and Consumption) $1,820.00
11C Beer, Wine and Spirits (Consumption Only) $400.00


Temporary Fees

All Transfers               $100.00

New 1APS                  $100.00

New 2APS                  $100.00

New 1COP                  $100.00

New 2COP                  $100.00

New 3PS                     $341.25

New 3CPS                  $160.00

New 4COP                  $455.00

New 7COP                  $214.50

New 11C                     $100.00




Series              Provisions                                                                              Annual Fee


KLD                Distributor of Beer, Wine, and/or Liquor                               $4,000.00

to licensed vendors and distributors


JDBW             Distributor of Beer and/or Wine                                             $1,250.00

to licensed vendors and distributors


AMW              Manufacturer of Vinous Beverages                                        $1,000.00


DD                  Distiller of Spirituous Beverages                                           $4,000.00


ERB                Distiller, Rectifier or Blender of Spirituous Beverages         $4,000.00


IMPR/BSA     Arranges a sale between a manufacturer or                           $500.00

Primary American Source of Supply and a

licensed distributor


CMB               Manufacturer of Malt Beverages                                            $3,000.00


CMBP             Vendor engaged in brewing malt beverages                         $500.00

 at a single location for consumption only on

 that premises and in an amount not to exceed

10,000 kegs per year


CWD               Wholesale distributor of cigarettes to retail dealers              $100.00

 or other persons for purposes of resale only, or a person

 who operates more than one cigarette vending machine

 in more than one location


TWD               Wholesale distributor of Other Tobacco Products                $25.00



Temporary Fees

All Transfers               $100.00 (Alcoholic beverages only, no transfer allowed for tobacco)

New KLD                   $1,000.00

New JDBW                 $312.50

New AMW                 $250.00

New DD                      $1,000.00

New ERB                    $1,000.00

New IMPR                  $125.00

New CMBP                $125.00

New CWD                  $100.00

New TWD                  $25.00


In the Hernando County, special restaurants licenses are issued pursuant to Florida Statue 561.20(2)(a)4 to businesses that have a 2,000 square feet floor in permanent use, seats for 150 patrons, maintain a bona fide restaurant and no less than 51% of gross revenue comes from food and non-alcoholic drinks sales.


Special hotel licenses are issued pursuant to Florida Statute 561.20(2)(a)1 to establishments like hotels, motor courts and motels that obtain 51% gross revenue from rentals and have at least 100 guestrooms.   


Contact information for Hernando County departments 


Sales Tax Offices

6709 Ridge Rd, #300

Port Richey, FL 34668



Liquor License Florida was built on the underlying principles of integrity, responsibility and efficiency in meeting customers’ needs. You liquor license will be issued without any problems in the fastest time possible, allowing you to take care of your other business matters.

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