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Here are the Franklin County liquor license types and their prices:

Series                                       Provisions                                                    Annual Fee

1APS                              Beer (Package Sales Only)                                        $28.00 

2APS                              Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only)                       $84.00

1COP                             Beer (Package and Consumption)                             $56.00

2COP                             Beer and Wine (Package and Consumption)             $168.00 

3DPS                              Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only)           $468.00 

8COP*                           Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package and Consumption) $624.00

11C*                              Beer, Wine and Spirits (Consumption Only)              $400.00



New 3DPS $117.00

New 8COP $156.00


According to Franklin County legal provisions, liquor licenses are issued to restaurants having a floor space of 2,500 square feet, with seating for 150 clients and 51% of profit is made from the sale of non-alcoholic beverages and food.


Contact information for Franklin County departments:


Franklin County Zoning



Franklin County Health Department



Tallahassee – District #3


1940 N. Monroe Street, Suite 26

Tallahassee, FL 32399-1026

Phone (850) 488-4271

Fax: (850) 921-7800


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