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Liquor License Florida helps customers owning bars, restaurants, local market in the Charlotte County and not only obtain or sell their liquor license in the fastest time possible. This company takes high pride in its ability to offer high quality services at the most competitive prices on the dedicated market.


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Following are the type of licenses, provisions and annual fees that are available in Charlotte County, but you can feel free to use the contact details below for any additional information.


Series Provisions Annual Fee
1APS Beer (Package Sales Only) $140.00
2APS Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only) $196.00
1COP Beer (Package and Consumption) $280.00
2COP Beer and Wine (Package and Consumption) $392.00
3PS Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only) $1,365.00
4COP Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package and Consumption) $1,820.00
11C Beer, Wine and Spirits (Consumption Only) $400.00


Temporary Fees


All Transfers   $100.00

New 1APS      $100.00

New 2APS      $100.00

New 1COP      $100.00

New 2COP       $100.00

New 3PS         $341.25

New 3CPS       $160.00

New 3DPS      $117.00

New 4COP      $455.00

New 7COP       $214.50

New 8COP      $156.00

New 11C          $100.00


In Charlotte special restaurant licenses are issued pursuant to Florida Statue 561.20(2)(a)4 to enterprises that have a bona fide restaurant with a 2,000 square feet space, 51% gross revenue obtained from the selling of food and non-alcoholic drinks and seating for 150 customers. 

The special hotel license is issued pursuant to Florida Statue 561.20(2)(a)1 to establishments such as hotels, motels and motor courts that have more than 100 rooms and at least 51% of their gross revenue from room rental.  


Contact information for Charlotte County departments 


Charlotte County Zoning 

18500 Murdock Circle,

Pt. Charlotte, FL 33948



Charlotte County Health Department

If food preparation on premises:

4100 Center Point Drive, Ste. 104,

 Ft. Myers, FL 33916



If microwaving packaged foods:

1850 Murdock Circle,

 Pt. Charlotte, FL 33948



Liquor License Florida will tackle any legal problem that might arise allowing you to relax and save precious revenue. With our help of you can concentrate on your big opening, because we are experts in obtaining liquor license in Charlotte.

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