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Since in the State of Florida the liquor licenses are limited and often times you have to buy one from someone who wants to sell it, we will screen the seller and make sure that he does not have any pending disciplinary accusations or anything else that might harm you in the future or prevent you from having problems with the Baker County alcohol laws.


Liquor License Florida can also help people who want to sell their licenses. To this extent, no matter what type of license you may have, our firm will help you find a buyer fast as well as take care of all the formalities. With our help you will be saving time, money and complete the transaction without any problems.


Types of liquor licenses available in Baker along with their fees:


Series              Provisions                                                                              Annual Fee

1APS               Beer (Package Sales Only)                                                     $56.00

2APS               Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only)                                    $112.00

1COP              Beer (Package and Consumption)                                          $112.00

2COP              Beer and Wine (Package and Consumption)                          $224.00

3CPS               Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only)                        $643.50

7COP              Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package and Consumption)             $858.00

11C                 Beer, Wine and Spirits (Consumption Only)                         $400.00


Temporary fees in this county:


New 3CPS      $160.88

New 7COP      $214.50


Baker County SRX licenses are issued according to Florida Statute 561.20(2)(a)4 to restaurants that have 2,500 square feet of floor space under permanent cover, seating for 150 patrons and 51% of their revenues come from the selling of food and non-alcoholic beverages.


Special hotel, motel and motor courts licenses are issued according to Florida Statute 561.20(2)(a)1, which states that they should have at least 100 guestrooms and 51% of their gross revenues should come from the rental of rooms.


Contact information for Baker County departments 


Baker County Department of Revenue


2651 West US 90

Lake City, FL 32055


Baker Department of Zoning and Planning


118 E. MacClenny Ave.

MacClenny, FL 32063


Baker Co. Health Department


657 S. 6th Street

MacClenny, FL 32063


Baker Health Department

4161 Carmichael Avenue (850)487-1395

3300 Bldg, 2nd Floor

Jacksonville, FL 32207

Our liquor license experts are prepared to handle any challenges that might come along the way and help you sell or buy a liquor license in Baker County and avoid any unpleasant surprises along the way. With Liquor License Florida on your side, you will always obtain your license fast and make considerable savings in the process.

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