2019 Florida Quota Liquor License Lottery Winners List

Please check the List of winners names below to see if you have won!

If you see your name on the list below you may have an email from us in your inbox now. We will send you the next steps and forms to apply for the license. If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to reach us by phone or email. Congratulations! If you did not win this year and need a license now, Please contact our office today for the available options. The New License Drawing period will be open again on August 17th 2020 for the next year entries. Be sure to check out our quick and easy Entry form to use for your next entries. You can also download the list of current winners HERE

2019 Florida Quota Liquor License Lottery Results.

The New 2020 Entry form Link Below will become active on Aug 17th again to enter below.

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