FL Dept of Revenue Sales Tax Number



Even if you have your state licensing in order and your business tax license, you still need a department of revenue sales tax number, in order to be able to sell alcoholic drinks in your establishment. As already mentioned, opening a restaurant or a bar or any other business that requires the sales of alcoholic beverages requires jumping through many hoops and registering for the Florida Department of Revenue Sales Tax Number is one of them. There is certain information that is required for this application depending on your type of business and the taxes you are registering for and there are also some system requirements that you need to comply with.


Don’t let all this commotion set you back. We can help you file for Department of Revenue sales taxes number/unemployment in the State of Florida and streamline your licensing efforts. This is another extra service that we offer to our clients, so that they don’t have to worry about more paperwork and lost time at the municipality offices. Opening a liquor selling business in the State of Florida may require several approvals and state or business licenses, but with our help, you will be able to navigate through them more easily and quickly. Liquor License FL gets you the license you need in half the time, helping you every step of the way, from finding and obtaining your liquor license to getting your business tax license, registering for the sales and use tax number and fictitious name filing.


Our company has vast experience in the filed and has the necessary resources to help you get licensed fast and hassle free. We will also guide and assist you every step of the way, making sure you understand all the requirements provided by the State of Florida and know what to expect from the entire process. Contact us now or meet with one of our agents if you want to discuss your options in more detail and start your licensing process right away!