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Whether you want to buy or sell your liquor license, regardless of its type, Liquor License FL can provide you with expert assistance and highly affordable services. We have vast experience in dealing with these processes and extensive knowledge of Florida’s rules and regulations in the matter, which gives us the possibility to offer you stellar customer assistance and greatly efficient services.


Our team has handled thousands of liquor license applications and transfers and therefore has unmatched experience when it comes to laws and regulations that might affect your liquor license in the state of Florida. Our knowledge and practice have also given us insight on how to help our clients go through the process and transactions faster and more efficiently.




If you are thinking about opening a restaurant or a bar in the state of Florida, then you’ve certainly thought about getting your liquor license and we can help you obtain it quickly and at the best possible price. The state legislature determines an exact number of liquor licenses in Florida, issued based on the population of each county and the number can’t be increased unless there is also an increase in population, but that has to be verified by the United States Census Bureau. However, if you need a Florida liquor license, you can buy an existing one from a company that is willing to sell it and we can help you find it. The licensing process can take up several months if you go about it alone and can result in significant revenue loss, but if you resort to our services, we will make sure your application process is dealt with in a timely manner, all at a fraction of the cost.


Liquor License Florida works with experienced and highly trained closing agents, who do extensive research beforehand, making sure that the license you buy is claim free. Therefore, the entire process will run smoothly and no unforeseen situations will arise, causing unnecessary delays. Not only that, but our company has an extensive database of available liquor licenses in the state of Florida, which will significantly reduce the duration of the process. We can transfer any license across Florida and also provide you with additional services, to get your business up and running as soon as possible.