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Liquor License FL is a reliable and well-rounded liquor license brokerage firm, having many years of experience in both liquor license applications and alcohol beverage brokerage. As a result, we have developed and sustained successful relationship with all control offices in the State of Florida, which allows us to provide you with dedicated streamlined services. With us, obtaining your liquor license will be fast, hassle free and, most importantly, highly affordable!


Full Support


Not only will we provide you with step by step assistance throughout the process of obtaining your liquor license, but we will also help you identify the right type of license for you. Depending on the type of establishment you want to open, there are several types of licenses, such as Beer & Wine Only, SRX licenses or Full Liquor Quota Licenses. Our expert consultants can help you identify the right license for you and get you started with the application process.


Complete Resources


Liquor License Florida helps you save time and money, by giving you access to a complete database of available licenses across the state. Since there is a limited number of liquor licenses in each Florida county, you may need to buy a liquor license from a present owner. We monitor market prices and trends continuously, making sure you do not over pay for your license. Furthermore, if you need to refinance your existing license, we can give you a helping hand in that area too, by helping you find the best liquor license refinance solution for you, coming from private lenders with great loan terms.


Extended Services


There are several additional services that our company can offer you at no extra cost, so that you can get your business up and running in no time. If you want, we can help you with business tax license, health licensing, filing for Department of Revenue Sales Tax Number, fictitious name filing or file corporations, as well as many more. Our job is done when you sell your first drink and you will benefit from professional, committed and efficient services from start tot finish!