gulf county liquor license

Gulf County Liquor License

gulf county full liquor license

Gulf County Liquor License


Part of the Tallahassee District, Florida, Gulf County is an excellent place to start a business and if you want to open any type of business that sells or services alcoholic beverages in Gulf County, then we are here to help. Liquor License Florida is a premium broker for liquor licenses in the State of Florida and has a comprehensive database of available licenses throughout the state, including Gulf County.


Obtaining a liquor license in Gulf County can take a long time if you are not accustomed with the requirements of the municipality, which is why our services will come very in handy. We have vast experience in working and dealing with the request of local authorities and commission departments and we also provide additional services, such as business tax license and file corporation.


Below, we present you with the license fees for different liquor licenses available in Gulf County, so that you know exactly what to expect from the process cost wise.


Series              Provisions                                                                               Annual Fee


1APS               Beer (Package Sales Only)                                                      $ 28.00

2APS               Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only)                                     $84.00

1COP              Beer (Package and Consumption)                                          $56.00

2COP              Beer and Wine (Package and Consumption)                          $168.00

3DPS               Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only)                         $468.00

8COP              Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package and Consumption)              $624.00

11C                 Beer, Wine and Spirits (Consumption Only)                          $400.00


Temporary Fees


All Transfers               $100.00

New 3DPS                  $117.00

New 8COP                 $156.00


Special restaurant licenses or SRX are also available in Gulf County and they are issued according to the Florida Statute 561.20(2)(a)4, the same stature that regulates special hotel licenses. SRX licenses are issued to establishments that respect the conditions of bona fide restaurants, which means a certain capacity of floor space and seating, as well as obtaining at least 51% of the gross revenue from the sale of non alcoholic beverages and food. The special hotel licensing is conditioned by a number of 80 guestrooms or more and the deriving of 51% of gross revenue from room rental.


Please find below the contact information for county departments that will come in handy:


Division of Hotels and Restaurants


1940 North Monroe Street Suite #14 Tallahassee

Florida 32399-1011


Department of Revenue


FL Department of Revenue

267 John Knox Rd Ste 200 Tallahassee

FL 32303



Gulf County Zoning


1000 Cecil G. Costin, Sr. Blvd. Room 110

Port St. Joe, Florida 32456



Gulf County Health Unit


2475 Garrison Ave Port St. Joe, FL 32456

(850) 227-1276

FAX (850) 227-1766