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Florida Beer and Wine Licenses



Liquor License FL is your best ally when it comes to liquor licenses of any kind in the State of Florida, having helped thousands of people buy, sell or finance their license. To that extent, our team has vast experience in obtaining beer and wine only licenses, as well as Special Restaurant Licenses, commonly known as SRX licenses. Regardless of the county you are intending to open your business in or you are currently operating your business, we can help you streamline the process of obtaining a liquor license and be in full compliance with the current laws and regulations in the field.


Beer & Wine


Whether you need a 1APS license, 2 APS, a 1 or 2 COP license, we can help you get the right liquor license for your type of business, faster and cheaper than any other liquor license brokerage firm. Beer and wine licenses are suitable for facilities that wish to sell either one of these beverage or both, whether through package sales or for consumption on premises. There are several regulations on obtaining, buying or selling such a liquor license in the State of Florida, usually depending on the county, but we will assist you every step of the way, making sure your license application process moves forward in a timely manner, so that you can focus on more important aspects of opening your business and have it all done in time.


Contact us for any inquiry you may have on Beer & Wine Only licenses or if you want to obtain such a license in Florida and one of our agents will be happy to address all of your questions and get you going as soon as possible.




SRX licenses are for restaurants that wish to sell beer, wine and liquor consumption on premises and involve special application requirements, beyond filing the application form and paying the appropriate fees, such as zoning approval, department of revenue clearance and submission of approval from Hotels and Restaurants. Furthermore, the majority of Florida counties require that an SRX applicant be a bona fide restaurant with more than 51% of revenue coming from the sales of food and non alcoholic beverages, as well as several other criteria. Liquor License Florida can guide through each and every one of the conditions required for obtaining a SRX license and help you get your license more quickly and easily.


We have assisted numerous restaurants in getting their SRX license and have the right experience and resources to make it happen for you too! Furthermore, we have a complete database of all available licenses in Florida, saving you time and money in finding the right license for you! Contact one of our expert consultants and get started now so that you can have your establishment selling liquor ASAP!